"We started with a love for the land, the land as it was, for its beauty, for its wealth as a resource and for our own enjoyment and spiritual refreshment."


Be.Assembly represents a versatile collective seamlessly integrating architecture, design, and craft. Our collaborative endeavors are rooted in ethical construction and reconstruction, guided by a research-based methodology. Distancing ourselves from the transient allure of temporal trends, our design philosophy evolves into a pursuit of essence. Passionate about fostering harmony between history, ingenuity, and enduring design, Be.Assembly operates as a studio committed to both grand-scale projects and intimate spaces-from hotels to living rooms - our practice is the same. Our practice consistently upholds the integrity of space, with meticulous attention to merged details that define us as dedicated designers and innovators.

Our comprehensive and innovative approach seamlessly integrates architecture, interiors, and nature, forging a cohesive entity that transforms each project into a distinctive vision. These spatial installations challenge conventional design norms, defying common aesthetic standards with a purposeful disruption of traditional design codes.

Through the embodiment of our diverse backgrounds, we collaboratively craft bespoke furniture, self-produce unique objects, and engage in the art of ceramics. Our approach to furniture design originates from an intuitive aesthetic experience, gradually evolving into a distinct visual style that stands uniquely on its own, unburdened by conventional constraints. To ensure the realization of our vision, we have formed exclusive partnerships with bespoke furniture manufacturers in Europe. These partners possess the capability to produce at any scale and deliver worldwide.



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