"We started with a love for the land, the land as it was, for its beauty, for its wealth as a resource and for our own enjoyment and spiritual refreshment."


Be.Assembly is a multi-disciplinary collective working across architecture, design and craft. Our research-based approach as a collective is to build and reconstruct ethically. Free from the ephemeral illusion of defying time our design practice becomes a quest for the essence. Be.Assembly is passionate in the harmony between history, ingenuity and timeless design. As a studio, we engage in both large scale and intimate projects - from hotels to living rooms - our practice is the same. Where the integrity of space and combined details merge defining our work as designers and innovators.

Our holistic and creative approach reflects an ability to merge architecture, interiors and nature to create a single entity, elevating every project to a vision of its own, a spatial installation that challenges common aesthetic standards by breaking up conventional design codes.

As a physical representation of our various backgrounds, we collectively design handcrafted furniture, self produce objects and ceramic work. Our approach to furniture design starts from intuitive aesthetic experience, and slowly finds its way to the destination of a distinctive visual style completely of its own. Without the constraints of orthodox thinking. For this reason we partnered exclusively with bespoke furniture manufacturers in Europe, that are available to produce at any scale and delivering worldwide.



Interior Design

Architectural Design


Furniture Design and Production

Creative Consulting