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Touareg Mat

M.02 by be.assembly

Tuareg rugs have been made since the early seventeenth century, when they were used as floor coverings in homes and as furniture adornments. Known as Tuareg mat Sahara, are a nomenclature referring to the geographical origin of this creative Moroccan rug, which invokes the charm and magical heritage of Morocco's south.

Handwoven with palm and leather from camel and goat.
The symbols are very unique and made by women of the Tuareg tribes in the Sahara.
Use of the mats improve over time, and they became more durable and scratch-resistant.  
Exact dimensions available upon request.
We are able to provide other catalog options upon request. Each of our rugs are unique, timeless and have their own little particularities from previous lives that gives all of their charm and character.

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