An expose on materials and emphasis on ethical production, be.assembly's collection of furniture, vessels, and home objects link the hands that made to the hands that receive.


Nr. 9 by Marco Minetti

Foraged clays and wood ashes

35cm H x 30cm D

Coiled on a kick wheel, reduction fired with gas and wood.

Note from the artist:

Hangari or "jar" in Korean. These forms recall an ancient aesthetic of lines that were sought during and after the Joseon dynasty. Made of wild clays from the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Kaolin rich clay poured over the piece, veiling and revealing the clays underneath. The clays used for this piece are coarser than usual, contributing a tactile aspect to the surface where the slip breaks on each rougher particle. The interactions between the materials create warm hues adding depth to the surface during the firing process.


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