An expose on materials and emphasis on ethical production, be.assembly's collection of furniture, vessels, and home objects link the hands that made to the hands that receive.


Nr. 10 by Marco Minetti

Foraged clays and wood ashes

50cm x 50

Coiled on a kickwheel, reduction fired with gas and wood.

Note from the artist:

Formed on a kick wheel, the combination of coiling and paddling without the use of water honors the vitality in the wild clay during the making and contributes a graceful asymmetry to the form. The iron-rich clay is then bathed in a layer of kaolin slip, also foraged by hand. Known as 'buncheong' in Korea, the complete coating of the piece in slip re-wets it, testing its integrity. The form sags just slightly from its own weight, softening the line and firming up just shy of collapse. In the kiln, the jar is pushed further still, carving a space in the tension between permanent existence and collapse. This piece has a kinstugi* filled area on the interior which does not compromise its integrity or watertightness. *Occasionally small repairs are made using lacquer and gold in the Asian tradition honoring and acknowledging our impermanence.


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