An expose on materials and emphasis on ethical production, be.assembly's collection of furniture, vessels, and home objects link the hands that made to the hands that receive.


Nr 3 by Marco Minetti

Foraged clays, iron, and wood ashes

25cm x 25cm

Coiled on a kickwheel, reduction fired with gas and wood.

Note from the artist:

Hwa-byeong means "flower bottle" in Korean. This form is dear to my practice and is used in East Asia as a spirit server, a vase for wet or dry arrangements, or simply as a stand alone piece. Made of wild clays from the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Iron rich clay poured over the piece. The clay used for this sries is coarser than usual, contributing a tactile aspect to the surface. Dark iron semi-matte surface is pleasing to touch and adds a grounding energy to a space.

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